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On line operations

STEF on line

STEF ONLINE (Transport)

In real-time, on Internet all information to optimize the preparation, the follow-up and the management of your sendings.

STEF ONLINE, STEF Transport  customers’ tool.

E-plan: transport plan

Prepare your consignments and their removal to STEF Transport agency.

Visualize through Internet the whole transport plans:

  • check the delivery schedule of your customers
  • organize as well as possible the preparation of your expediditions.

e-send: Net-EDI and label

It is easy to have a PRO logistics

e-track: Follow-up of forwardings and Research of émargés

With e-track visualize, your émargés
More information, more reactivity with e-track

STEF ONLINE (Logistic)

A complete gate of services Web:

  • E stock/e order: follow-up in real-time of stocks and orders
  • E send: Web/EDI, labels standardized
  • E track: follow-up of deliveries
  • E plan: transport plan
  • E recall:reminder of batches according to selected criteria