STEF, savouring 100 years of travel  

Since its creation, the Group has criss-crossed the railways and then the roads to allow the circulation of foodstuffs. It has created a strong network that enables it to serve an enriched and diversified food experience, making consumers travel right to their plates.


Accompanying changes in consumption and dietary diversification since its creation, STEF has put itself at the service of people throughout the territories. The journey of flavours tells the story of the transport of food products, and beyond that, the discovery of new products made possible by the diversification of choices in which the Group has been involved for a century. The Voyage of Flavours is also a way to celebrate STEF's heritage, to honour our employees, partners and customers who have built the brand over the years. This journey looks to the future by promoting STEF's ability to evolve, adapt and reinvent itself.

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For 100 years, STEF has been contributing to one of mankind's most essential activities:

preserving and transporting food.