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Supporting your supply chain

Regardless of the scale or seasonality of your activities, we are here to respond to your transport and logistics needs in Belgium, including consolidation solutions, mass distribution and more. We transport your chilled, frozen and dry goods in the Benelux countries and throughout Europe, in accordance with food safety standards.

STEF Belgium in figures

STEF Belgique

Dedicated solutions

Urban deliveries
We have developed a “last-mile delivery” solution specifically for transporting chilled products in central Brussels, to meet your delivery requirements in urban areas: STEF Brussels City

A comprehensive logistics solution
We work to optimise your logistics and offer a range of high added-value solutions, including co-packing, cross-docking, management of movements of goods, etc.

Your international gateway
Belgium occupies a strategic position between Northern and Southern Europe, making it a real asset for distributing your chilled, frozen or dry products, whether you are importing or exporting.

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Local transport

Do you have specific needs? We adapt to your requirements!
Agri-food businesses can count on our experienced teams to ensure the quality and freshness of your products wherever they are transported in Europe. Our delivery services for urban areas are designed to meet the expectations of sales outlets and catering services in central Brussels.

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Our network in Belgium

Our network at the crossroads of Europe occupies an ideal position for international transport to 15 European countries.


Certifications & Awards

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