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Combatting climate change

Innovate to protect the planet

Aware of the issues around climate change, we have implemented a concerted and sustainable environmental policy. Limit greenhouse gas emissions, use less polluting materials, massification of transport flows: we are constantly looking for solutions to limit the impact of our business on the environment.
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Act eco-responsible

Our environmental policy is based on the management of our vehicles and buildings. As early as 2009, we committed to the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management ADEME’s CO2 Target programme. Since then, we have sought to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing new organisational structures and trialling new alternative and less polluting technology. In some French cities, we have introduced new delivery solutions (tricycles, CNG vehicles, trial electrically-assisted delivery tricycles, etc.) to reduce our emissions and promote silent transport.

An environmentally approach

An environmentally approach

To limit our fuel consumption and production of greenhouse gases, all our drivers in France are trained in eco-driving and managing the trucks’ refrigeration. The massification of transport flows and the use of new materials also reduce our consumption of fossil fuels.
For refrigeration, we have opted as often as possible to use nitrogen cryogenic systems. In this case, the refrigeration unit operates without a motor and does not create any noise pollution. For the past 10 years, we have been testing various prototypes of hybrid or fully electric vehicles to limit fuel consumption.

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