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Cultivate workplace well-being

Aims: loyalty and attraction

A powerful factor determining attraction, loyalty and commitment, workplace quality of life is a real opportunity. STEF hopes to leverage this approach to boost its teams’ motivation and to commit definitively to the human aspects.
favoriser dialogue stef

Encourage dialogue

Ongoing dialogue is one of the fundamentals of our CSR policy. It is why we signed a Workplace Quality of Life agreement in 2017. It aims to promote well-being at work by disseminating best practices. The topics addressed include: employees’ working environment, combating discrimination, telecommuting, etc.

copacking darvault

Making work meaningful

By increasing the collaborative approaches with our teams, we encourage cohesion and solidarity within our company. Our employees come to share our project and are proud to be part of the STEF adventure.

Contribuer au bien être

Contribute to the well-being

The collective aside, each employee receives personal attention based on listening to their needs. This individual consideration provides us with the knowledge to improve the well-being of each employee. Telecommuting, nutrition, sleep and combating stress: we are willing to offer solutions and work with employees experiencing difficulties even by providing external support if necessary.


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