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The controlled temperature specialist

STEF is the European specialist of controlled temperature transport and logistics for agri-food products. Thanks to our expertise and our Italian and European network capillarity we are able to cover different needs on different temperature ranges:frozen, fresh and dry.

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Transport solutions by STEF

We are the right partner with the right transportation solutions, customized and flexible, thanks to a capillary network of controlled temperature cross-docking platforms (-22°C, +4°C, +18°C) we are able to deliver both single boxes and full truck load towards different points of delivery, with 24h/48h lead time on the major part of Italian territory.  

Logistics solutions for agri food market

Consolidated experience, deep market knowledge and a clear view on the future make us the best partner to support your supply chain. A full controlled temperature network of warehouses, certificated by the most relevant institutes, proprietary software to offer you a full range of services: stock, transportation, co-packing and customized engineering services.  

International activities

Our international flows open a privileged channel towards all Europe. We guarantee a controlled temperature transportation network across all Europe, with a flexible and careful service evolved in more than 35 years of experience.

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Notre offre supply chain IAA

STEF, for agri-food industry

For agri-food manufacturers, logistics and transportation are a key part of their businesses. That’s why our experience and our deep knowledge of the market are the core of our specialization. We are able to connect all the kind of food manufacturers to different markets: distribution chains, small shops, restaurant and food service players.

Nos prestations RHD

STEF for food service

We are able to manage tri-temperature flows (frozen, fresh, dry) with a wide coverage all over Italy. Thanks to our expertise, with the full respect of safety procedures, we can support food service players to fulfill all the challenge of this market: high quality, variety, personalization and cost efficiency.

Nos services Seafood

Seafood market expertise

We are operating in fresh seafood market for more than 30 years, that’s why we are able to handle all of its peculiarity. We manage about 95.000 tons of fishing products coming from the most important European fishing areas, with a total temperature controlled network, then we deliver it to: wholesalers, food shops, retail chains, restaurants.

Our expertise
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STEF Italian network

Our network is based on 36 multi-temperature sites with more than 200.000 m2 and more than 2.000.000 m3 with the full coverage of the entire Italian territory.

Our network

Our certifications

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