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More eco-friendly cooling for buildings

We are continuing our efforts to both optimise and reduce our energy consumption. Our goal is to use 100% low-carbon energy in our buildings by 2025.
Panneaux photovoltaiques

Optimising energy management

STEF is continuing to reduce its power consumption thanks to its EMS (Energy Management System), first developed in 2013, and AI management of its refrigeration facilities. We aim to reduce electricity consumption by 15% by 2025. 

On real-estate sites outside France, which are not covered by the ISO 50001 process, we have decided to carry out systematic energy audits to make additional energy savings. Renewed in 2020, we maintain ISO 50001 certification for all French sites. 

We have also chosen to develop our self-generated energy by installing solar panels. At the end of 2021, the Group had 16 plants in operation with a total installed capacity of almost 13 MWp, generating over 15 GWh each year. 

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Investir performance energetique stef

Innovating and testing new solutions

Hydrogen is one of the solutions STEF is considering. A dedicated team has been created to study the various production methods and possible uses. The Group is working to test new solutions for generating, storing and sharing both electrical and cold energy at its EnergyLab in Madrid, where trials are under way.  

Alongside this, STEF is continuing with its plan to replace existing refrigerants with low global warming potential alternatives.