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Involving our employees in the capital

When our employees become shareholders

We want to give all employees the possibility of participating in and benefiting from STEF’s success through employee shareholding. For the past 25 years, this model in Europe reflects the group’s long-term commitment to a relationship of trust with its employees.
Employé STEF

A defining choice

Employees’ participation in the group’s capital is one of our founding principles. We are proud of the fact that our employees and managers now own almost 72.5% of the company’s capital.

Préparateur de commande

Encourage commitment

With its collective savings system, STEF supports its employees’ personal projects by helping them save for a deposit. The fact that the membership rate increases year-in-year-out is proof of this model’s success.

In figures

25ans PEE

A renowned shareholding model

An outstanding mark of its teams’ trust and commitment, STEF reached the threshold of 12,000 employee shareholders after sharing this adventure with them for 25 years. What better encouragement could there be to continue for many years to come? This achievement was recognised at the end of 2017 when we were presented with the Grand Prize awarded by the French Euronext-FAS IAS® index

Employee shareholding provides STEF with a fantastic edge in ensuring its success. It provides stability and is a tremendous development tool for the long term.
Stanislas Lemor, Deputy CEO STEF