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Protecting employees’ health

Taking care of our teams

Employee health and safety is covered by ambitious policies with a focus on prevention to create the conditions for a lasting commitment.

Accident reduction and prevention

In order to prevent accidents, the Group is committed to: 

  • raising awareness among employees; 
  • incorporating new Health and Safety in the Workplace (HSW) monitoring indicators into performance audits, and prevention measures when designing new sites; 
  • giving greater importance to HSW elements during the induction of new hires; 
  • creating safety committees across all sites in France. 


Collaborateur STEF

Improving working conditions and environments

STEF incorporates workplace risk prevention upstream of transformation projects and ensures the teams are involved in these projects. In order to improve working conditions and environments, we implement a wide range of actions, such as: 

  • preventing musculoskeletal disorders with handling equipment; 
  • involving ergonomists during the design or renovation of sites; 
  • developing work clothing with and for employees. 

Quality of Life at Work (QLW) helps to boost employee engagement. The measures in place cover three different areas: work/life balance (e.g. creation of an academic support platform for employees who are parents), health (e.g. remote medical consultations), and support for those in difficulty (e.g. a social support network and a workplace psychologist). 

3 collaborateurs STEF dans un entrepot

A cross-cutting and collaborative approach

For greater relevance and effectiveness, we have chosen to work in partnership with one of our stakeholders, CARSAT, which is the leading body in the prevention of occupational risks. We have defined three areas of work: 

  • strengthening actions to prevent musculoskeletal disorders; 
  • reducing long-term absence as a result of lost-time incidents in the workplace; 
  • developing a safety culture and a commitment to prevention and safety among our managers.