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On the road to intrapreneurship

Personal initiative drives performance

Intrapreneurship is a key factor in STEF’s success. We encourage our managers to test out their ideas and implement new projects that reflect the local environment and issues in their region and country. This proactive approach helps us improve how we meet our clients’ needs on a daily basis.
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Taking the initiative together

What better place than a major company to innovate? Our managers and subsidiary directors are responsible for thinking critically about our business lines and sprouting new ideas. They know their environment better than anyone, which enables them to each play their own role in our development. We enjoy the thrill of embarking on a journey together and working to perform at an even higher level!

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Our intrapreneurial values

STEF and its employees embody the strong values needed for intrapreneurship to spread its wings, namely the freedom to take the initiative, which instils our work with meaning and enables our employees to thrive.

Everyone is entitled to make mistakes, which are vital to our progress. “I never lose. I either win or learn.” said Nelson Mandela.

The dedication of our site directors sets the standard we aim to achieve.
Our collective well-being is fundamental for us – respect, goodwill and teamwork are what will enable us to take the next step, together.

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