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STEF is committed to ensuring the delivery of essential food products

Coronavirus information

Entrepôt STEF
As an operator of essential services in Europe and in France, STEF Group is more than ever committed to ensuring the continuity of its operations and to delivering food to shops and supermarkets every day to feed the population.
As such, the Group is requesting the classification of the food supply chain as an Operator of Vital Importance.

To date, a large amount of the food products consumed in France transits in raw or processed forms through STEF sites.

Therefore, the Group is announcing reinforced measures to guarantee the security of the goods as well as to protect its employees and its customers.


Optimisation of operational resources to ensure continuity of service 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, STEF Group has put in place specific continuity plans in France, as well as in other European countries such as Italy and Spain, to ensure the continuity of its activities. 

Following the measures announced by the French Government, STEF Group has mobilised all its resources to focus on its core business and meet its commitments to its customers. STEF Group has introduced:

  • The modification of working hours and the reallocation of its workforce to meet the specific demands induced by this exceptional situation;
  • Working from home for employees who can adopt this measure;
  • The implementation, in agreement with its clients, of solutions to reduce operational constraints in order to guarantee continuity of service for all and in all territories.

Reinforcement of health rules, which are already particularly strict in the food industry

With more than 14,000 customers and more than 100,000 deliveries per day in France during normal business operations, health safety and business continuity have always been top priorities for STEF Group.

All its employees are already usually subject to the food industry's health and safety regulations for the storage and transport of products. These demanding protocols include the preventive measures recommended to fight the epidemic.

In addition to hygiene rules, STEF Group has taken additional preventive measures to deal with the health problems posed by COVID-19:

  • Reinforced sanitation and cleaning of trucks and sites, with special precaution for common areas;
  • Obligation to maintain a minimum safety distance of more than 1 m on site and reorganisation of teams and premises to respect these safety distances; 
  • Implementation of simplified procedures avoiding contact as much as possible in agreement with clients, food manufacturers and distribution; 
  • Daily reminders of the mandatory protective measures such as saluting from a distance and, of course, regular hand washing.

Recognising the food supply chain as an Operator of Vital Importance is a necessity

STEF is in permanent contact with the authorities in order to monitor the evolution of the situation, take all relevant measures and adapt the system put in place if necessary. 

However, in view of the problematic shortage of hydroalcoholic gels, masks and gloves in France, the Group is requesting the classification of the food transport and logistics sector as a public utility. 

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