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STEF facing Covid-19

As an operator of essential services to the French, we are more than ever mobilized to ensure the daily delivery of our customers' products to stores and supermarkets. In order to ensure the continuity of our operations, we have put in place reinforced measures to guarantee the safety of the goods entrusted to us and of our employees.

"The crisis clearly highlights our role in guaranteeing sustainable access to food for the population. We can be proud of all our employees who have been mobilized on the front line, in particular our drivers, order pickers, forklift drivers, operators and on-site managers. Thanks to them, we have continued to carry out our missions in the service of our customers and fellow citizens with professionalism and a sense of responsibility."

Stanislas Lemor, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Ensuring continuity of service

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, the STEF Group has set up specific continuity plans in France, as well as in other European countries, to guarantee the maintenance of its activities. All resources are mobilized in order to focus on our core business, the transport and logistics of your food products. This translates into :

  • The organisation of working hours and the use of the versatility of our employees to meet the specific demands induced by this exceptional situation;
  • The implementation of teleworking for employees who can adopt this measure;  
  • The implementation, in agreement with our customers, of solutions to reduce operational constraints, such as contactless delivery, in order to guarantee continuity of service for all and in all territories.

STEF granted an exceptional bonus to the teams mobilized in the field during the health crisis to reward their unfailing commitment to guarantee service continuity.

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Reinforcing health rules

Health safety and business continuity have always been top priorities for the STEF Group. All our employees are already usually subject to compliance with the food industry's health safety rules for the storage and transportation of products. These demanding protocols include, in particular, the preventive measures recommended in the fight against the epidemic.

In addition to the hygiene rules, the STEF Group has taken additional measures:

  • Reinforced sanitation and cleaning of our trucks and sites, with special precautions for common  areas; 
  • Obligation to maintain a minimum safety distance of more than 1 m on site and reorganization of teams and premises in order to respect these safety distances;
  • Implementation of simplified procedures avoiding as far as possible contacts in agreement with our customers, food manufacturers and distribution players;
  • Daily reminders of the imperative nature of respecting barrier gestures, such as remote greeting and, of course, regular hand washing;
  • Wearing masks when social distancing measures cannot be respected.

Our solidarity actions in France and abroad

Thank you to all our employees for their unwavering commitment to transporting your food products to shops and supermarkets every day.


Thank you


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