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STEF awarded with Gold ECOVADIS medal

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Conditioned transport faces challenge from new EU F-gases regulation

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Food service

Commitment to our customers and flexibility are key

In food service, there is a growing need for customized services to meet consumers' ever-increasing expectations. We offer smart services and have a strong presence in the out-of-home market in Europe.


Our logistical pillars

  • Temperature control: Sustaining the proper temperature is crucial in preserving the quality and safety of food products. During transportation and storage, we guarantee proper temperature conditions to prevent spoilage.
  • Traceability: In order to ascertain the origin and conditions of food products at all times, traceability of products in the logistics process is a key priority.
  • Hygiene: Hygiene is essential to protect food products. We keep our transport and storage facilities thoroughly clean so that food products do not contact contaminants during transport.
  • Delivery times: Speed and on-time delivery are crucial. Only then as a foodservice party you can prepare and serve, create menus and deliver to your customers on time.
  • Capacity and flexibility: As a food service party, you often need large(er) quantities of food products, especially during peak times. We make every effort to have adequate capacity at all times and respond quickly to sudden changes in demand.

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Our expertise 

One order, one delivery, one invoice

Return logistics system

STEF's strength: national and international coverage

Anticipation on new regulations

Support for a Sustainable Supply Chain

Our solutions 

National transport

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International transport

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