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Mobility Package: What will change?

Starting August 21, 2023, the 2nd generation smart tachograph type 2 (SMT2) will become mandatory for newly registered trucks. What exactly does this entail?

The EU Mobility Package is a package of new laws and regulations for the transport sector. The aim is to unify rules in the EU member states. This will make competition more fair, improve conditions for drivers and increase road safety. The package includes rules on driving and rest periods and cabotage (transportation of goods or passengers in one country by a company from another country).

Some of the rules already took effect in 2021 and 2022. For example, it has been established that foreign drivers working in another EU member state are entitled to the minimum wage for drivers living and working in that country. Also, as of February 2022, trucks must return to the site where the company is registered every 8 weeks.

From Aug. 21, 2023, the 2nd generation smart tachograph type 2 (SMT2) will become mandatory for newly registered trucks. A smart tachograph automatically tracks the vehicle's position and records border crossings. For already registered trucks with an analog or digital tachograph, an SMT2 will be mandatory from December 31, 2024. This allows remote detection of signs of fraud and/or manipulation, which should lead to more efficient roadside checks.
In practice, this means that drivers must enter the country code as 'Begin Country' at every border crossing, regardless of the number of kilometers they are going to drive. Even with horseshoe transportation (i.e., round trip), you must always enter the country. With the generation 1 tachographs, this means you have to look for the country you are currently in. The generation 2, or smart tachographs, can see where you are through the GNSS signal. As a result, the country is automatically selected and you really only have to confirm that you are there.

Source: TLN