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STEF Seafood Italia and Mediterranea Trasporti create Italy's leading seafood transport and logistics company


Caisse de poissons entrepôt STEF
STEF Seafood Italia and Mediterranea Trasporti, which coordinates Marlog operations, have pooled their human resources and technical capabilities in seafood to form a new joint venture under the name MED SEALOG, providing their full range of experience and expertise to Italian and international customers.

MED SEALOG aims to offer a complete range of services to better meet the needs of this specialist market. By combining best practices and complementary capabilities, the two companies will bring first-rate expertise to national and international customers across the seafood industry, including retailers, wholesalers, importers, traders and producers.
With an extensive nationwide network and a reinforced presence at all ports and pick-up points, the new entity will extend the range of services available to the sector.
To achieve these goals, MED SEALOG will build on:

  • the combined expertise and professionalism of employees who can offer a complete range of specialist solutions.
  • the synergy of its network, with two hubs in Milan, one in Rome and one in Venice, ensuring optimal nationwide coverage.
  • the partnership with Seafoodways, Europe's leading specialist collection and distribution network for ultra-fresh seafood, for which it will be the main operator in Italy.

MED SEALOG will be 60% owned by Mediterranea Trasporti and 40% by STEF Italia. The company will be headquartered in Venice, with a direct and indirect workforce of nearly 150 people.


Mediterranea Transporti : Massimo Fiorotto //
Groupe STEF : Catherine Marie //
STEF Italia : Roberto Donelli //

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