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Industrial packaging services

We have designed packaging solutions dedicated to the needs of food industry professionals. Whether in our logistics warehouses, on our dedicated sites or wall-to-wall, we offer a wide range of packaging solutions.

Le conditionnement industriel par STEF

STEF helps its customers package their products

Our co-packing solutions enable our customers to carry out their promotional operations or create event packaging to stand out from the competition and boost their sales. Our production lines are adapted to all types of products and are tailored to the specific needs of each operation.

We also support food manufacturers in their co-manufacturing operations. We can collect and receive your products in bulk or in bulk and package them before delivering them to the distribution networks.

Our design office creates made-to-measure solutions

Our design office offers engineering solutions to our customers, working with them to design the packaging best suited to their products and commercial environment. Our experts have over 20 years' experience in packaging engineering and support.

Bureau d'étude co-packing et co-manufacturing

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