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As a century-old company, the STEF Group is committed to its independence. Its capital is 73% owned by its employees. Today, the Group is led by Stanislas Lemor, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, supported by Marc Vettard, Executive Vice President for Operations, and the Executive Committee.


Stanislas Lemor

Stanislas Lemor

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marc vettard

Marc Vettard

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Executive Committee

bertrand bompas

Bertrand Bompas

CSR Director of STEF Group

Marco Candiani

Managing Director of STEF Italy
damien chapotot

Damien Chapotot

Deputy CEO of STEF Transport
J-Y Chameyrat

Jean-Yves Chameyrat

Human Resources Director
Christophe Gorin

Christophe Gorin

Managing Director of Northern Europe
vincent kirklar

Vincent Kirklar

Managing Director of Immostef
olivier langenfeld

Olivier Langenfeld

Director of Commerce and Marketing of STEF Group
Ludovic Laporte

Ludovic Laporte

Financial Director of STEF Group
angel lecanda

Ángel Lecanda

Group Business Director
M-L Pesquidoux

Marie-Line Pesquidoux

General Secretary of the STEF Group
christophe leray

Christophe Leray

Group Information Systems Director and Managing Director of STEF IT
François Pinto

François Pinto

Deputy Managing Director of STEF France
alexandre de suzzoni

Alexandre de Suzzoni

Chief Operating Officer Foodservice

Board of Directors

Stanislas Lemor

Jean-Charles Fromage
Managing Director

Ahkim Benhamouda
Sophie Breuil
Estelle Hensgen-Stoller
Bernard Jolivet
Murielle Lemoine
Lucie Maurel-Aubert
Dominique Rambaud
Maxime Vandoni

represented by François de Cosnac

Board of Directors’ Committees

The Audit Committee

Sophie Breuil
Bernard Jolivet
Murielle Lemoine

The Remuneration and Appointments Committee

Murielle Lemoine
Lucie Maurel-Aubert
Maxime Vandoni

Honorary Chairman

Francis Lemor

Board of Directors Statutes (2024)

Read the Statutes
(pdf, 678.89 KB)

Board of Directors Code of Conduct (2023)

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Committed to a sustainable future

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The STEF expertise

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