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Our commitments to our teams 

Our Group has an important social role to play as an employer. We are committed to inclusion and equal opportunities in employment.  

Our aim is to foster the long-term commitment and progress of our employees through concrete policies of inclusion, health protection and employee share ownership

#1 To protect the health of our employees 

To reduce accidents and improve accident prevention

  • Raising awareness among our employees. 
  • Integration of new Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) monitoring indicators in performance audits and prevention elements in the design of new sites.
  • Strengthening the OHS induction programme for new hires.  
  • Deployment of safety committees at all sites in France. 
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STEF, partner of CARSAT

Our partnership with CARSAT, the benchmark organisation for occupational risk prevention, enables us to accelerate in three ways. 

  • Reinforcing of actions to prevent musculoskeletal disorders
  • Reducing the number of long-term sick leave linked to occupational illnesses. 
  • Developing a safety culture and the commitment of our managers to prevention and safety
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To improve working environments and conditions

  • Integrating occupational risk prevention upstream of processing projects, with the teams.
  • Deployment of actions such as the involvement of ergonomists in the design or renovation of sites, or the development of work clothing. 
  • Introduction of Quality of Life at Work initiatives in three areas : work/life balance (with the introduction of an educational support platform for parents, for example), healthy living (with medical teleconsultation, for example) and support for people in difficulty (with a social assistance network and an occupational psychologist).
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#2 Sharing the fruits of our success 

Employee share ownership has been at the heart of the Group's DNA for over 30 years. A guarantee of independence, this model, which is unique in our industry, enables everyone to share in the Group's success. It is a lever for attracting, motivating and involving teams.

Today, more than 70% of STEF's capital is held by its management and employees, including 18% through employee share ownership. Employee share ownership is an important part of our social model, which is based on fair redistribution between shareholders, especially employees, the employees themselves and reinvestment in the company.

We were pioneers in its implementation, and today we are the only player in our sector to have reached such a level of maturity in this area.

Employee shareholding
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#3 For professional equality and gender diversity 

Our MIX'UP initiative is a concrete expression of our commitment to professional equality and gender diversity. 

The aim is to achieve a 25% female workforce by 2030. 

Discover MIX'UP

#4 For diversity and equal opportunities 

Would you like to find out more about our commitment to the employment of people with disabilities and equal opportunities? 

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Going above and beyond 

Our commitments to the planet 


Our commitment to solidarity 


Our commitments to our suppliers 


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