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Our environmental initiatives

To protect people's health and reduce our impact on the environment, we have been working for several years to improve the performance of our vehicle engines and refrigeration units... These actions are also enabling us to respond to the rapid increase in the number of low-emission zones (LEZ) being introduced in Europe.

Salariés dans le jardin

Preserving biodiversity

The Group is also committed to preserving biodiversity. At STEF, we are equipping ourselves with the means to reinforce our approach with:

  • analysis of the environmental impact of each property project;
  • procedures for monitoring the operation of facilities and compliance with regulations in each country where we operate;
  • working with the Real Estate team to integrate biodiversity issues into all Group projects;
  • signing up with AFILOG (Association Française des Professionnels de l'Immobilier Logistique) to a charter of reciprocal commitment with the public authorities, concerning, among other things, the transformation of land.

Reducing noise pollution

We are investigating every possible solution to limit noise pollution and are actively working with local authorities to meet their needs in terms of urban delivery. This is the case, for example, in Montpelier, where the Group is taking part in the Carreta experiment with autonomous vehicles, and in Lyon, where an urban delivery test was carried out using a new-generation ZE electric truck.

All the Group's new rolling stock complies with the PIEK standard, which means that the noise emission threshold is below 60 dB. To reduce noise pollution during deliveries in city centres, STEF has chosen equipment with the lowest noise levels on the market. 

Véhicule STEF ZE

In figures

80 %

recovery rate for non-hazardous waste in 2021

94 %

of clean fleet compliant with Euro VI standard

Reducing air pollution

The actions undertaken over the last 10 years have borne fruit. Thanks to the regular renewal of our vehicle fleet, we now have a Euro VI-compliant standard fleet, which emits 80% less NOx and 40% less particulates than Euro V vehicles.

We're not stopping there: to build a cleaner future, we're investing in research into alternative, eco-responsible technologies (hybrid and electric transport, CNG stations, cryogenics). The Group is also committed to adjusting its vehicle policy every year in line with technological developments.

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tri sélectifs

Recycling waste

The auditing of our sites has enabled us to identify the waste that could be recycled (mainly paper, cardboard, packaging film, wood, metals, glass and food products) and to estimate its quantity. Thanks to the organisation of sorting and recovery of our waste, we now achieve a recycling rate of 80%.

STEF strives to implement reverse logistics approaches to optimise transport patterns and vehicle load factors, and thus promote the circular economy.

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