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CSR standards

Our CSR commitments are part of the Group's DNA. We pay close attention to requests from CSR rating agencies.

CSR Report 2023

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Each country in the Group adapts the application of its governance to regulatory requirements, while respecting the Group's values.

Respect for human rights  

STEF complies with the regulations of the European countries where the Group operates, guaranteeing human rights (civil, political, economic, social, cultural, etc.).

Through our policy of encouraging diversity and equal opportunities, we are committed to promoting access to work.

We also ask our suppliers and subcontractors to sign up to our Responsible Purchasing Charter, inviting them to respect a set of commitments. 

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Working conditions 

STEF operates in Europe and complies with local regulations, which meet or exceed International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards. Our social policy is organised around two priority commitments: 

  • Protecting the health of our employees
  • Guaranteeing diversity and equal opportunities 

These priorities are set out in our STEF Ethics and Business Conduct Charter.

This is rolled out to the teams in each country. Relations with employees and their involvement in the life of the Group have always been a key concern, with an employee share ownership scheme having been in place since 1993. We have also set up supra-legal employee consultation bodies at Group level. 



Our mission is to connect food industry stakeholders, from manufacturers to small producers, with their consumers. Our commitment to the general public is has two axes:  

  • a sanitary control plan that goes beyond regulatory requirements to ensure the preservation of the food products entrusted to us by our customers 
  • ongoing training and awareness-raising on road risks for our drivers.

The information and data of our customers, partners, employees and suppliers are protected by procedures and tools implemented by STEF IT, our division dedicated to information management and technology. 

Local communities 

STEF wants its CSR policy to be anchored as closely as possible to the areas in which it operates, through actions co-ordinated locally and within the framework defined by the Group.  

These are then implemented by the 273 establishments across Europe. 

STEF also participates in various clubs, commissions and working groups at national and international level: GLEC, Club Demeter, ANDRH, AFMD, Club Handicap & Compétences, Club des entreprises responsables and Collectif de la performance. 

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Concerned about the quality of life of future generations, our Group is committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, using resources sustainably and tackling climate change. This approach is part of a sustainable policy.

STEF complies with environmental regulations in the countries in which it operates. One chapter of our Ethics and Business Conduct Charter and our Responsible Purchasing Charter is devoted to the environment. 


Fair practices and business ethics 

STEF complies with the economic and commercial regulations of the countries in which the Group operates (Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal).

STEF's Ethics and Business Conduct Charter covers commitments in terms of respect for competition, commercial relations and the fight against conflicts of interest and corruption.

STEF requests that its main suppliers and subcontractors respect these provisions via its Responsible Purchasing Charter. 

Read the Responsible purchasing charter
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Documents and charters to download

The letter of introduction

(pdf, 183.58 KB)

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

(pdf, 192.06 KB)

The basic principles to be followed by employees

(pdf, 147.57 KB)

A summary of ethical and business conduct principles

(pdf, 192.06 KB)

Our commitments 

To society


To our teams


To the planet