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Our 10 CSR commitments

Social commitments

Corporate Social Responsibility is central to our identity. Our commitment is inseparable from our business model and our values: Enthusiasm, Respect, Rigour and Performance.
We believe that our concerted social, employee and environmental policy drives our performance and future success.
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Our approach

The Group has formally established it commitments in a CSR Charter based around a single goal: Respect for people and their environment.
The commitments and progress made in the social, employee and environmental fields mean we can safely position ourselves as a responsible company with regard to stakeholders in the agri-food chain.

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social model

A unique employee model

Over the past 25 years, our Group has adopted a unique entrepreneurial vision: involve the employees in the share capital. This model now means that more than 69% of Group employees in Europe are STEF shareholders.

Ensuring everyone’s fulfilment at work

Equal opportunity and personal development are two of the main thrusts of our CSR policy. We are committed to helping employees find their place and evolve within the Group. We also pay particular attention to welcoming and integrating young people.

Respect for employees’ integrity

In order to get the best out of our teams, we have decided to place their health and well-being at the centre of our concerns. Employer-employee dialogue is fundamental, and we have also made accident and workplace risk prevention a prime focus of our employee policy.

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Limit environmental impact

Limit environmental impact

We have implemented a responsible approach designed to reduce and limit our impact on the environment. This is reflected in the use of natural refrigerants, minimising our energy and water consumption through to experimenting with alternative technologies for our vehicles, as well as a specific environmental approach for our maritime division.

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Promoting the regions

In order to match clients’ needs as closely as possible, we have opted to establish operations in the heart of regions. By way of recognition, we strive to ensure that benefit from our economic results. We also regularly consult elected officials to ensure we integrate our business as best possible within the regions.

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