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More photovoltaic energy on our sites!

STEF has been engaged for several years in an energy transition process aimed at improving its carbon footprint. Among the solutions deployed: the installation of photovoltaic panels on our sites.

32 Operating Plants in Europe

As climate change is a major concern for the STEF Group, we continuously test and deploy new, more environmentally friendly solutions. Beyond the efforts to optimize and reduce our energy consumption, we are gradually replacing the carbonaceous electricity portion of our electric mix with “low carbon” energy (energy produced from non-fossil sources).

It was in 2009 that we installed the first rooftop photovoltaic panels on one of our sites, in Lézignan. Fifteen years later, we already have 32 plants in Europe, with a total installed capacity of 23 MWp. The largest is the STEF site in Fidenza, Italy, which alone has 11,000 photovoltaic panels and produces 4 GWh of energy per year.

Expertise of Blue EnerFreeze

To strengthen our expertise, we created a dedicated energy management entity in 2019: Blue EnerFreeze

Among the Blue EnerFreeze teams, 4 people are dedicated full-time to the development and operation of photovoltaic plants. They rely on external partners for the conduct of projects, in close collaboration with the technical teams on site.

Our subsidiary also offers its expertise to external clients to optimize and secure the energy consumption of their warehouses.

In 2022, the projects deployed by Blue EnerFreeze allowed us to double the photovoltaic energy self-consumed by STEF sites.


We have developed expertise tailored to the specific needs of the Group’s refrigerated buildings, thus meeting safety imperatives and standards. Our team is addressing today’s energy and climate challenges by implementing quality photovoltaic power plants.

Alain Pousse
Photovoltaic coordinator, Blue EnerFreeze
panneaux photovoltaïque sur le toit

Low-carbon energies at the heart of our climate approach

Our environmental commitments are outlined in our Moving Green roadmap. This approach reflects the Group’s ambition to address climate challenges and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Choosing photovoltaics means producing and consuming renewable, local, and infinitely sourced energy. The advantage of solar energy installations: they do not emit pollutants during the operational phase.

Our goal by 2025 is to produce 20% of the energy we consume through photovoltaics, equivalent to an installed capacity of 80 MWp, thereby drastically reducing our CO2 emissions.

Developing photovoltaic energy production means enhances the Group’s resilience, providing a long-term competitive advantage. It also demonstrates STEF’s commitment to contemporary issues, contributing to our daily sense of purpose within the Group.

Benjamin Dumont
General Manager, Blue EnerFreeze

What about tomorrow?

In 2023, 11 new photovoltaic power plants will be established, with an installed capacity of about 10 MWp. The entire park will then produce a total of approximately 25 GWh of energy, representing an 80% increase in self-produced photovoltaic energy in one year.

While photovoltaics are currently mainly deployed on rooftops, several projects are under study to install solar canopies over the parking lots of our warehouses. Ground-based projects are also being considered.

Finally, the implementation of a redistribution system will allow all STEF sites in a given country to benefit equitably from the photovoltaic energy produced by our power plants.

helicoptere au dessus d'un toit

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