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Welcome at the heart of the food world

Who we are

STEF is first and foremost a team. Our employees rise to the daily challenges of our ever-changing world. Their skills form a vital body of knowledge and we work to ensure they reach their full potential. There are plenty of reasons to join us : responsibilities, high-potential positions and international assignments... Are you ready to find out what STEF has to offer?
stef history

A story of men and women

STEF has a century-old history shaped by generations of men and women working toward a common goal: to serve as the nexus for all the stakeholders in the world of food. It’s a task that requires close-knit local ties in both producer and consumer areas. That’s why you can find our teams everywhere our clients need us, day after day, delivery after delivery.

stef warehouse

We currently operate in seven countries in Europe, managing the food supply chain in tune with local culture and country-specific traits. We worked closely with our clients to build this international network, though trust-based local relationships, high-quality service and fundamental values.

Our values


At STEF, we approach every mission with a positive mindset. Our successes are victories to celebrate and our failures are learning experiences.


To be respected, we respect those with we work every day: our customers, our people, our suppliers and our partners. We are also actively involved in the protection of our environment.


Leaning on methods constantly improved and strictly applied, STEF can offer high-quality services with competitive prices.


Performance is based on daily routine, continuous improvement and innovation... Every day, all STEF people are involved in the improvement of our businesses performance.


STEF in figures

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