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Presentation of the Group

A multi-specialist group from -25°C to +15°C

As the European leader for temperature sensitive logistics, we have been operating for nearly 100 years at the heart of the food supply chain.

Our unique expertise and regional coverage enable us to provide specialist solutions services for the food industry, supermarket chains and food-away-from-home operators in 15 European countries.

Our ability to manage the flow of fresh, frozen and heat-sensitive food products enables us to respond to the specific routing and storage requirements of a wide variety of customers: food industries, supermarkets, craftsmen, producers, wholesalers, local authorities, out-of-home restaurants, e-commerce and retailers.



Our transport business covers consignment, batch transport and the organisation of national and international food product flows.

The coverage of our network puts us in close contact with our clients and enables us to meet their needs as best possible, while also protecting the quality of their products, the cold chain and delivery times.

A partner you can trust
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From supply to plants to delivery to sales outlets, we help our clients optimise their supply chain through massification and flow optimisation.

Our optimised and innovative processes allow us to provide logistics solutions tailored to each client: agrifood industry, supermarket chains and FAFH operators.

A multi specialist expert

Throughout Europe

Thanks to our homogeneous network, we are able to manage our clients’ flows in eight European countries and to work with them in over 15 countries.

With over 570,000 m2 of loading dock surface area and 11,000,000 m3 of warehouse space, we are able to provide a flexible and reliable service.

Our european network
Pôles d’expertise

Expertise Centers

STEF IT and IMMOSTEF are the key success drivers by ensuring our performance and independence.

STEF IT is our information technology centre. It develops innovative solutions to boost the competitiveness of our offers and tools, and to respond as best possible to clients’ and employees’ needs.

IMMOSTEF is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the 273 sites we own across Europe. It provides us with the ability to deliver solutions that match our clients’ needs, to improve our operational performance within a sustainable development approach and to guarantee the best possible management of the cold chain.