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centrale photovoltaïque Bruguières
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Installation of our 1st ground-based photovoltaic power plant

In spring 2024, we commissioned a ground-based photovoltaic power plant at our Bruguières site in France. This is STEF's first ground-mounted installation, and it won't be the last!

This new power plant has more than 400 solar panels covering an area of 2,000 m2. With an installed capacity of 191 kWp, its annual production is estimated at 250 MWh.
100% of the energy produced by the plant will be consumed on site, covering around 10% of the site's electricity needs.

This marks a new stage in the concrete actions we are taking to promote the energy transition of our activities, with an approach based on self-consumption of renewable energy.

centrale photovoltaïque Bruguières
© Vibrance photo

By continuing to deploy our strategy of self-consumption of solar energy, we are confirming our ambitions in terms of energy transition. This will enable us to control and reduce the carbon impact of our activities. It also means securing energy supplies for our sites by stabilising part of their costs and reducing their dependence on the grid.

© Vibrance photo

An innovative and flexible photovoltaic solution

This ground-mounted photovoltaic power plant uses innovative, agile deployable panels. They are designed to be foldable and potentially relocatable in just a few weeks. 

With this first ground-mounted plant, we are developing a model that combines energy transition and anticipation of the future for the STEF Group. This type of photovoltaic plant can be folded up and relocated if the site's activity needs to be extended (and land is therefore required), thanks to the perfect reversibility of the installation and a return to its initial state with no significant impact on the soil or vegetation (no foundations).

Alain Pousse
Group Photovoltaic Business Manager

10 other ground-mounted power stations soon to be deployed

Our energy subsidiary Blue EnerFreeze has awarded the contract to build this photovoltaic power plant to the French company VMH Energies (to supply the equipment) and FTC (to install it).

A dozen other ground-mounted power plants are currently under construction or under contract, and most of them will be commissioned in 2024.

The deployment of ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants is part of our strategy to develop low-carbon energy sources within the STEF Group. It is also a further step towards increasingly efficient energy management.

Benjamin Dumont
Managing Director of Blue EnerFreeze

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