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Our commitments to the community

A responsible economic stakeholder

Our Group has been built on a regional network defining the strength of its network. Our social and environmental responsibility policy is therefore naturally focused on the cities and regions where we operate.
Equipe de foot sport dans la ville

Integrating young people

The Group supports associations and institutions that help young people or those in difficulty with their integration into the world of business. 

In France, the Group has formalised this commitment through the Businesses and Neighbourhoods Charter, which promotes education and training for young people. The Group has also developed various partnerships with initiatives supporting integration into working life, such as: Sport dans la Ville (Sport in the City), Nos Quartiers ont du Talent (Our Neighbourhoods have Talent), ARPEJEH and, more recently, Nés & Cité, a social mediation and recruitment firm. 

Every year, we open our doors to showcase the Group’s occupations and prepare people for recruitment interviews. In France, as part of the TEKNIK programme, we welcome secondary school pupils. STEF is also committed to les Cordées de la Réussite, alongside the AgroParisTech foundation, a programme in which engineering students tutor secondary school pupils.

Groupe formation réfugiés

Inclusion and integration of refugees

Multiple inclusion projects aimed at refugees have been launched in France. The non-profit organisation Tent Partnership for Refugees works with us to identify refugees and put them in contact with associations and NGOs. 

The training and skills development programme focuses on two areas: training in key FFL (French as a Foreign Language) skills and professional training. NGOs also play a role by providing social support (housing, civic integration, etc.). In total, around 20 people with refugee status benefited from this initiative at STEF in 2021. 

Collecte restaurants du coeur

Facilitating access to food

Access to food is closely linked to the Group’s core purpose. STEF is continuing its work as part of the three-year agreement signed in 2020 with Restaurants du Cœur

This partnership is based on providing training to volunteers in employment law, supporting the organisation’s national collection efforts by providing transport and storage space, transporting donations from industry to Restaurants du Cœur warehouses, and skills mentoring. Several measures to support charities have also been taken in Spain, Portugal and Italy.