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Working to foster diversity and equal opportunities

Moving forwards together through diversity

STEF has always believed that it is important that everyone feels at home within the Group. Integrating people with a disability and the professional integration of young people form part of the goals that have enjoyed real success in recent years.
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A new gender equality dynamic with MIX’UP

An assessment based on quantitative and qualitative surveys resulted in the creation of a gender equality and diversity initiative called MIX’UP. Its goal is ambitious: for women to account for 25% of the workforce by 2030. 

The initiative is based on five commitments: 

  • increase employee gender diversity; 
  • guarantee a fair induction process and equal career opportunities; 
  • foster a healthy work-life balance; 
  • adjust working conditions and environments; 
  • change the image of our professions. 
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Integrating people with a disability

The Group’s commitment to employing people with a disability is bearing fruit. In 2022 in France, 7.76% of its employees had a disability (vs 2.78% in 2007), and across the Group, this figure stood at 6.8%. In 2022, our sites continued their employee awareness-raising and training activities. In early 2022, the 6th Disability Agreement was unanimously signed by trade unions in France.  

In recognition of our commitment, we received the Inclusive Business Award from Le Manifeste Inclusion under the patronage of the Secretary of State for people with a disability. This award was created to showcase innovative initiatives within companies that are committed to measures that seek to integrate those with a disability. 

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Supporting equal opportunities

We support the recruitment of people with diverse backgrounds as well as intergenerational cooperation. Employee awareness of these matters is raised through various events: Professional integration week, International workplace gender equality day, and Disabled employees’ week.